Spot, grow and attract amazing people for your business.

Today's employment market is increasingly competitive, especially in sectors where niche skills and experience are in high demand. Finding great people who ‘fit’ can be a major challenge and you have to go head to head with some of the world’s biggest brands that are also recruiting from a small pool of talent

What if you could have hugely talented and motivated people beating a path to your door? Each day a new batch of really great CV’s arrive in your inbox and you have the best talent keen to work with you and your team. Let’s look at how you can build a compelling employer brand that delivers. What is it you can do to attract top talent and set yourself apart from the rest? What can you do to create your reputation as an amazing employer and a great place to work?

Presenting your business as …”THE” PLACE TO WORK is key.

It’s not just about your marketing ‘spin’ but a true authentic representation of your business and team. A strong employer profile is a powerful tool for connecting your values, and people. It is the story you tell when you reach out, what you stand for and what it’s like to work in your business. Employer branding is about the relationships you build with past current and future employees. It’s how they view you, the business and their colleagues. It is key in how your business is different and how potential employees see your business. Candidates are no longer looking for ‘just a job’. They are looking for a place to advance their career in a supportive and energising business. Have a think about the following questions:

Do you know what your employees say about working for you?

What do they say to others; their friends, old work colleagues and family?

How do your clients and suppliers see you?

Your employees should be your best advocates, what they say determines the way your ‘employer brand’ is seen in your business community. It’s what people saying about you and your business when you’re not in the room. Are you creating place where people want to work? Can young and talented people can grow and develop their potential?

Here are 6 key areas we think you should consider if you want to grow that amazing business:-

  • Be a top talent spotter.

Look for talent everywhere, draw it in, nurture it and utilise it to its fullest. Look outside the norm to find talent - recognise the skills and talents people bring and clear pathways to allow them to put their skills to work.

What your people are saying to their friends….. my boss has spent time getting to know me and my understand my interests. I can do work that makes the best use of my skills and I have opportunities to develop them even further. I am given space to grow.

  • Make the most of natural abilities

Observe and study your people to find their natural ability and things they do exceptionally well - without effort, note the things they talk about freely and easily – where do you see most energy in conversations? Put each individual’s strength and unique capabilities to work where they have energy and ideas. The best leaders get extraordinary results from very ordinary people.

What your people are saying to their friends….. My boss makes sure I can do my best work; they encourage me to make the most of my skills. I’m involved in interesting projects that stretch me and make full use of my talents.

  • Develop and grow

Raise awareness of what people do naturally well and build an unlimited talent pool you can draw from. Tell people the strengths you see in them and build their confidence to develop discovered strengths. Develop self-awareness – label people’s talent and genius

What your people are saying to their friends…..I feel my talents are valued but I am also expected to learn and improve my skills, the business and the team are there to support and encourage me.

  • Connect people

Encourage your people to build networks, where they can collaborate and learn. They can use their strengths and skills across the business and step outside their formal job role to support others.

What your people are saying to their friends….. I work flexibly to put my talents to work in ways that mean I get my job done but I can use my strengths to help others too.

Getting started

The cycle of attracting great people to your business starts with you and building a great place to work and grow. Your team are smart and capable. They attract attention and are recognised for the amazing work they do. Building a business with a reputation for supporting and encouraging its employees is crucial to attracting the ‘right people’ to your business

You have an employer brand whether you choose to consciously develop it or not. It is based on the way your business is seen as a ‘place to work’ by potential recruits, current employees, and leavers. It is not just about your vision statement and values, but is based on the real, lived experience of your team; people who like the job they do and the place they work become advocates for it.

Your people are your best recruiters – it’s time to create your cycle of attraction.