Nurture and grow the talent in your business


It’s not always easy to take time out from the day-to-day demands of a busy business, however sometimes it is exactly what you and your team need.  You’ve built a great team, however they need some support to acquire the skills and knowledge to take on new challenges as your business expands.

It’s time  to focus on what’s really important.

This could be encouraging your team to collaborate and find ways of working more effectively together, coaching to embed learning from workshops or comprehensive leadership or skills programmes aimed at challenging mindsets and creating new ways of working.

I take learning very seriously and pay special attention to workshop design and delivery. I will work hard to help you close those critical skills gaps and give people the confidence to stretch, grow and ultimately perform better.

There are some common threads that run through my workshops:

  • Make it big and visual - I’ve learned over the years people respond much more positively when information is shared visually as well as verbally.
  • It's a partnership - I work closely with  clients to ensure learning hits the mark and makes a positive impact on your people.
  • Size doesn't matter - I work with groups of different sizes from a handful to a conference of over 400 people – we relish the chance to learn with others.
  • It must work for you - My workshops are designed to fit with the ebb and flow of your business, they can be broken down into small chunks for ‘lunch and learn’ sessions or more meaty programmes.
  • Re-inventing the wheel -I do have a portfolio of some tried and tested modules, however I know your business will have some particular requirements, so I make sure exercises, examples and activities fit your business context.
  • Thinking to doing - Getting to action is important yet I understand and encourage the value of reflection to dive deeper and gain a fuller understanding of the critical issues.
  • Training isn't always the answer - it is costly and if I feel you can better address some of the issues you have with more effective solutions then I'll tell you.

I have a wide range of workshops and programmes and I don’t believe one size fits all, so no two workshops are exactly alike. I'll tailor any learning to meet your requirements and achieve the outcomes you need.

My workshops are interactive, motivating and focussed around the fundamental idea of giving people tools to master the hard and soft stuff they need to improve performance.

It’s easy when you head back to work to put the course folder on the shelf and ‘park’ your learning.Make sure you follow up with some really great coaching to  embed your learning.